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Roland Slaw offers visa advisory services. Our expert consultants provide excellent visa and immigration advise services to multiple countries. We cater for student visas, tourist visas and relocation visas. We recognise that our clients have unique immigration requirements. Accordingly, we address such challenges as opportunities to produce first-class results.

Visa Processing Services

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  • Tourist / Visitor Visa processing
  • Business Visa processing
  • Temporary Work Permit (TWP)
  • Subject to Regularization (STR)

Visa Processing Services

Most international students require a visa to be able to travel. Unlike admission application, visa applications can sometimes be complicated and many a student have been denied visas for reason they don’t have the foggiest understanding of. At Rowland Slaw, our experienced visa counselors take students by the hand, providing guidance and assistance that make visa application process both simple and successful. We provide guidance on which documents to submit, visa rules for specific countries and regions, and also inform students of what to expect during visa interviews and how best to answer the questions. Students who choose to stay back after studying are also informed of what their options are and how best to pursue them.

Travel Arrangements

Anyone who has travelled abroad for studies knows travelling abroad especially for the first time can be such a draining task. We help make things easier by helping students purchase tickets at very competitive prices,, book hotels for cheaper and arrange for pick-up services, travel insurance and other minor things that make for an amazing travel experience.